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    The training courses on this site have been designed to give the counselor comprehensive, real world information.  The courses have also been approved by the various credit counselor certification programs for continuing education credits. 

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Available courses

Student Loan Training Program

This self study program provides comprehensive material on the student loan industry. Upon successful completion, you will be able to confidently counsel consumers with student loan debt, helping them to effectively resolve outstanding questions and/or concerns about their loans.
The course is presented in 6 Lessons with multiple short quizzes within each Lesson. Upon passing, a Certificate of Completion will be issued (a minimum cumulative test score of 70% is required for successful completion). Certificate holders will also be able to submit proof of completion to their credit counselor certification providers (as applicable) for CEU Credits.
Pricing: $199 (FCAA members receive a $50 FCAA credit)


FCAA Student Loan Training Now Available

by Lori Pollack -

The FCAA's on line Student Loan Training Course is now available.